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The Herbal Clinic, MD provides the Tampa Bay area and Pasco County with medical marijuana treatments for pain management.

Compassionate Care

At The Herbal Clinic, MD, we believe the best type of medical care is the kind where patient and doctor discuss options - together - in order to find the right solutions.

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Entirely Natural

Our medical marijuana treatment is entirely natural. We partner with quality, verified dispensaries throughout Florida to provide exactly what our patients need.

Medical Marijuana

100% Legal

We provide 100% legal medical marijuana treatment for our patients in Central Florida and follow all associated regulatory procedures. See what that entails.


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What's New at THC, MD

The Benefits of Medical Cannabis for Seizures

What big pharmaceutical companies DON’T want you to know

New research is beginning to illuminate the benefits of cannabis. Medically, cannabis can offer a vast array of side-effect free solutions to conditions such as epilepsy (seizures), anxiety and depression disorders, cancer patients, and severe pain conditions. We aim to provide practical, legal, qualified, and data-backed, information on these benefits.

Dispelling common myths about medical marijuana

It doesn’t get you high, but it’s causing quite a buzz among medical scientists and patients. The past year has seen a surge of interest in cannabidiol (CBD), a non-intoxicating cannabis compound with significant therapeutic properties.

Meet Our Team

Mark Hashim, MD

Dr. Hashim is regarded by his colleagues and clients as the leader in the Florida Medical Marijuana industry and considered the pioneer in this complicated field, he has been active with cannabis since it’s inception and his presentations are engaging and thought provoking. Speaking at numerous medical conferences, he is changing the way we view cannabis and influencing the industry as a whole.

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