OptiHeal CBD

The Herbal Clinic MD is pleased to announce that our new broad spectrum CBD with 0% THC has arrived!

OptiHeal is non-GMO, organically grown, THC free, pesticide free and solvent free.

OptiHeal has unique features that make it superior to other oils, tinctures and capsules.

• Using a patent pending nano emulsification technology this allows for
faster onset, longer lasting and 400% more product available for your
cells than other routes of administration making it more effective!
• Farmed by the only Colorado Department of Agriculture approved
facility for hemp.
• Highest cannabinoid profile from 7 years of cross breeding two of the
best hemp strains available.
• Because THC has been removed, you cannot test positive for THC if
taken alone, very convenient for those worried about drug testing.
• No more messy oily tinctures, convenient once a day soft gels.
• Available as 10 mg, 25 mg, 25 mg with Curcumin (for inflammation), 25
mg with melatonin (for sleep), all in 30-day supplies.
• Available only through The Herbal Clinic, MD.


10 mg gel caps $50
25 mg gel caps $100
25 mg gel caps with Curcumin $120
25 mg gel caps with Melatonin $120

Come by our offices or call: (727)202-4325 or (727) 277-6752 to get yours today!

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    Cannabis is Essential

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    We are practicing social distancing according to the CDC guidelines and if you have concerns about being in the office with other patients we are happy to accommodate you during this time.

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