OptiHeal CBD

The Herbal Clinic MD is pleased to announce that our new broad spectrum CBD with 0% THC has arrived!

OptiHeal is non-GMO, organically grown, THC free, pesticide free and solvent free.

OptiHeal has unique features that make it superior to other oils, tinctures and capsules.

• Using a patent pending nano emulsification technology this allows for
faster onset, longer lasting and 400% more product available for your
cells than other routes of administration making it more effective!
• Farmed by the only Colorado Department of Agriculture approved
facility for hemp.
• Highest cannabinoid profile from 7 years of cross breeding two of the
best hemp strains available.
• Because THC has been removed, you cannot test positive for THC if
taken alone, very convenient for those worried about drug testing.
• No more messy oily tinctures, convenient once a day soft gels.
• Available as 10 mg, 25 mg, 25 mg with Curcumin (for inflammation), all in 30-day supplies.
• Available only through The Herbal Clinic, MD.

OptiHeal Pricing

OptiHeal 10mg broad spectrum gel caps – $50 $45 (6 bottles for $250)

300mg total • 30 count

OptiHeal 25mg CBD Full Spectrum gel caps (with less than 0.3% THC) – $100 $70

750mg total • 30 count

OptiHeal 25mg gel caps with Curcumin – $120

750mg total • 30 count

OptiHeal CBD/CBN Full Spectrum gummies (25 mg CBD/5 mg CBN) – $40

600mg total • 20 count

Come by our offices or call: (727) 202-4325 or (727) 861-1000 to get yours today!