Holistic Health Services

In addition to medical marijuana assessments and health and wellness coaching, we also offer Reiki.

Reiki is a non-invasive hands on, hands off, natural healing method. The method is based on the belief that our physical bodies are supported, nurtured and sustained by Universal Life Force Energy. This energy is our vital essence which, when flowing freely through our bodies in a balanced way, enables us to live full and essentially happy and healthy lives.

When Life Force Energy is diminished or circulating in a restricted way, due to disruption or blockage in our body’s energetic system, emotional and physical health problems can occur. This can inhibit our ability to live in an enriched and vibrant way.

Through the creation of deeply relaxing, peaceful and meditative state of consciousness; Reiki can provide us with an effective, non-invasive way of reconnecting with our spiritual nature, reducing the impact of emotional stress and increasing the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Reiki cleanses and rebalances our energy body, allowing increased Life Force Energy to flow freely to where it is needed and removing blockages which inhibit our ability to live life to our full potential , reenergized, and with increased happiness and optimum health.

Angela is a trained and attuned Reiki Master and have been trained to specialize in teaching and attuning others. This enables me to act as a channel for Life Force Energy to flow through my hands into your body. It is in this passing of energy that allows for healing.

Reiki does not replace conventional medicine but it can be a simple and effective complement to any medical or psychological care you may be receiving.

Sometimes the simplest way to understand Reiki is through experience.

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To schedule your private Reiki appointment please call Angela at 813-841-1543.