Red and Yellow Light Therapy

Known as the Orange wavelength, these lights are combined to make us feel quite cheerful and are often recommended by psychotherapists because they are found to be beneficial for anxiety, depression and types of depression associated with bipolar disorder.

Of course many people also love Red Light therapy alone as it penetrates into the skin 1-6mm which allows it to promote collagen proliferation, improving wrinkles, making it an effective anti-aging treatment as well.

Recommended Bioacoustic sessions are 30 minutes and can be combined with Light therapy and Reiki.

  • Bioacoustics Mat Session (30 minutes) $75
  • Light Therapy Session (15 minutes) $30 (30 minutes) $60
  • Combined Bioacoustics Mat and Light therapy (30 minutes $100)
  • Reiki Sessions 1 hour session ( includes 30 minutes of energy work and 30 minutes counseling) $100
  • Full Reiki Session w/ Bioacoustics Mat $150

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*Note: Additional time will be charged $25 for each 15 minutes

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