Gut Health Package

How to stop the “Leaky Gut Syndrome” and repair your gut for optimal health, vitality and anti-aging effects.

As I learn more and more about how our gut health determines our overall health, I have taken it upon myself to now offer my hand selected supplements to help you combat “leaky gut”, to fuel your good bacteria correctly and repair your damaged GI tract from the foods and chemical toxins we are exposed to and consuming on a daily basis.

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What you don’t realize is that by eating lectins from plants or animals that consume those plants, you damage the one cell layer that exists between you and the bacteria that live and thrive inside you.

In addition we are constantly exposed to glyphosate (Round Up) which not only is sprayed all over our crops, but has infiltrated our soils and become part of the plants and foods we consume. Round up is a potent antibiotic that kills your gut bacteria and also destroys the glue that keeps your gut together and produces even more of a leaky gut.

Humans are also just a condominium for bacteria. We have trillions of bacteria living on us and in our gut. Now if you rent your condominium to bad tenants (those supported by the average terrible American diet loaded with sugars, unhealthy fats and lectin containing foods) you will have an overgrowth of bad tenants who don’t care about your property and they damage it on a continual basis. When you have leaky gut, your immune system is constantly exposed to bacterial toxins and proteins that your immune system attacks correctly. However those proteins your immune system are attacking look identical to your cells and therefore your immune system sees those cells as an enemy and they attack you! That’s why there is such a rapid increase in autoimmune disorders, arthritis, Crohn’s, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and cancer just to name a few. If instead, you rent your condominium to the good tenants (those bacteria that we are supposed to have in the majority) we don’t get leaky gut, the bacteria break down the “good foods “ you feed them into those quality nutrients that get absorbed and fuel you properly and therefore we don’t develop any of those disease. Animals don’t develop these problems because they don’t have leaky guts. Gorillas eat plants and yet they are lean and healthy. Why? Because the good bacteria are fed the proper foods (leaves and plants) that they then metabolize into the nutrients that the gorilla (their condominium) needs to survive. The ultimate symbiotic relationship.

Humans and their healthy bacteria are also designed for this symbiotic relationship, but we have destroyed it by eating lectin containing foods, processed foods, consuming medications that destroy the gut lining and being exposed to Round Up.

I have hand-selected the following supplements to combat these issues and I want to share them with each of my patients so you can live a healthy, abundant disease free life for a very, very long time.

First, I recommend The Plant Paradox book by Dr. Steven Gundry to learn what foods to avoid and what foods to consume.

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I have created a unique Gut Health package to share with you and it includes the following.

1. Restore Nasal Spray and Liquid.

This product has been developed to fix the leaky gut by repairing the glue between the gut cells that have been destroyed by toxins (Round Up) and poor food choices. In addition, Restore will bind to the glyphosates (Round Up) that is in your food supply, thus preventing further chemical damage to the good bacteria and your gut lining. The reason you need the nasal spray is your GI tract begins with the bacteria in your nose.

Listen to the podcast with the medical doctor who discovered Restore

2. FOS Fructooligosacchrides by Allergy Research Group.

FOS are what your good bacteria thrive upon, they love them and they then convert them into healthy nutrients that you need. There’s that symbiotic relationship, keep the good bacteria happy and they keep you happy. They don’t want their host to suffer and die, that would not be beneficial to your good bacteria.

3. Lectin Control Formula by Complimentary Prescriptions.

This unique blend of ingredients will bind to lectins in your food source. I recommend using this daily until you figure out how to avoid lectins, then I still recommend using when eating out or going to an event where there will be lectin containing foods.

It’s that simple, learn what NOT to eat, repair your current gut leak and trap the glypholates so they can’t damage you or your bacteria, protect your gut from lectins, and feed your tenants what will make them happy.

Happy good bacteria means a happy healthy life for you!

So how do you enjoy all this? Simply use the registration information provided at the link below (or at the top of this page). When you join the site (no cost) you will see an EZKit tab, click it and add the gut health kit to your cart. A discount code is included and a discount is available for auto shipping so you never run out. Also visit the numerous brands, products and healthy topics included so you can purchase any other supplements you would like.

repair leaky gut supplements tampa fl