Virus Mitigation Supplement Kit

As you are aware, COVID-19 seems to be on the rise again with a new variant.

I have done careful research and found a very nice mitigation and prevention strategy that I recommend all patients use. I have created it as a kit on my supplement site, you can choose the entire kit which is a 3 month supply of the supplements, or pick single items from the kit.

The total cost of the kit is $170.00, but I am including a 10% discount for your initial order. Bringing the cost down to $153.

Here’s how to place your order:

  • To access the site go to
  • You must register and use Registration Code: MH1452
  • The coupon code for the 10% discount is HCPC1452WELCOME
  • When on the site, simply go to the EZKits tab on the upper right side of the screen, and add the COVID-19 Prevention Kit to your cart.

I also have a kits for depression, gut health and Immune and neurological support.

Click here for a list of supplements and other strategies to consider for your benefit.

Please feel free to call our office with any questions you might have, 727-202-4325 or 727-861-1000.