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What Are the Medical Marijuana Health Benefits and How Does It Work?

In more than half of US states, marijuana ranges from fully legal to legal for restricted medical use. Public opinion about marijuana has drastically changed over the last 50 years. 91% of American adults in 2019 believed that marijuana should either be entirely legalized or solely legal for medicinal use. Are you curious about medical marijuana health benefits […]

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How to Find the Right Medical Marijuana Doctor in Tampa, FL

In 2016 the medical marijuana industry boasts over 6 billion dollars in sales. People are flocking to grab medical marijuana cards and reap the benefits of this vital plant to help them manage health ailments.  Even with its surge of popularity, there are still plenty of reservations about using medical marijuana, such as how to find a reputable […]

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    Cannabis is Essential

    Florida has deemed Medical Cannabis as an essential business amid shut down. We are open to see new patients in our offices in Tampa and Hudson and follow-ups can be done via telemedicine if you choose to do so.

    We are practicing social distancing according to the CDC guidelines and if you have concerns about being in the office with other patients we are happy to accommodate you during this time.

    Stay safe and healthy and please call if you have any questions or concerns.

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