7 Ways Medical Marijuana for Veterans Helps With PTSD

Today, upwards of 20 percent of all military veterans deal and live with some form of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). 

This is a disorder that can wreak havoc on a person’s total health and overall sensitivities. It causes people to have intense stress and discomfort in everyday situations, flashbacks of past trauma, and physical symptoms that can degrade their health day by day. 

With this in mind, there’s hope. 

Medical cannabis happens to be one of the best substances that veterans can use to help with their PTSD. Below we will discuss medical marijuana for veterans and why it’s so valuable. 

Why Medical Marijuana for Veterans is an Excellent Idea

Cannabis happens to be one of the best holistic health supplements that you can take for any issue, and help with PTSD is no different. 

Since soldiers come back from war having seen extreme violence, lives lost and some of the most heinous activity imaginable, it is only natural that they might develop PTSD as a result. Having developed PTSD, it is incredibly difficult to blend back into normal society and family life. 

With this in mind, here are the reasons that cannabis can be incredibly helpful:

1. Medical Cannabis Allows for Plenty of Stress Relief

Cannabis is a natural plant that plenty of people use to help deal with stress and anxiety at all levels. Since PTSD brings about intense stress and anxiety, allowing veterans to use it for medical care will be just what the doctor ordered. 

It does this by activating your body’s natural endocannabinoid system so that you can reach homeostasis and so that there is harmony among all of your body’s different systems. 

Taking a hit of cannabis in the form of smoked flower or vaping, or by taking a bite out of an edible, you will feel intense relaxation that is stronger than even the most vicious tension that PTSD brings about. 

By remaining less stressed in their everyday lives, veterans will be able to move with ease, instead of succumbing to the triggers and stressors of PTSD. 

2. They Will Get Better Sleep

Veterans will also appreciate the use of medical cannabis because it will allow them to fall into a more peaceful sleep. When they are able to sleep more fully, it will bring about deeply restorative Rapid Eye Movement (REM), which allows a person to wake up refreshed. 

As a result, their brain activity will be sharper and they will have the benefit of far less cortisol stress hormone pumping through their body. 

The best way to get lots of great sleep with medical cannabis is to use an indica strain that is known to help people who are suffering from insomnia. If a person is having a severe problem getting to sleep at night, they might want to take cannabis in the form of a deeply sedative edible. 

3. It Can Help Curb Their Instability

Emotional instability and PTSD go hand in hand. As such, it is important that those suffering from PTSD find some sense of calm and stasis. 

Cannabis and provide just that, and will allow people with this disorder to relax and avoid mood swings, irritability, paranoia and other matters that go hand in hand with PTSD. 

Even if a person doesn’t want the high that most cannabis gives, they can instead look into low-THC varieties and cannabidiol (CBD), which is non-psychoactivity as a whole. 

4. Cannabis Has Neuroprotective Qualities

The cannabis plant reacts with the natural cannabinoids in your brain in order to offer neuroprotective qualities. 

As such, a veteran’s brain will work more effectively, allowing them to retain focus and control. It features a number of antioxidants that allow your brain to age gracefully. 

This is important since a veteran’s PTSD can be exacerbated by natural cognitive decline and cognitive dysfunctions like dementia. 

5. Using Medical Cannabis Can Help Curb PTSD Nightmares

The nightmares that come with PTSD are some of the most frightening a person will experience, and one of the biggest problems with PTSD. 

It could involve intense flashbacks and bring about repressed emotions in the form of visions that are terrifying. As such, a veteran might avoid going to sleep, and this can lead to even more of a decline in health. 

Many people who use heavy indicas before going to bed minimize their dreams, and some stop having dreams altogether. By taking the time to adjust your doses to fit your needs, you can cut out night terrors and nightmares altogether. 

6. It Is Great for Physical Activity and Pain Relief

Cannabis is also great for veterans because it encourages and allows for more enhanced physical activity. 

People often take cannabis prior to a workout so that they can go into it relaxed and not trapped in their heads. This helps them get through some grueling workouts and to enjoy greater gains than they otherwise would have. 

What’s more, cannabis is excellent for pain relief and promotes blood flow throughout their body. This is important because a person with less physical pain will also be less stressed and enjoy better mental health. 

Since cannabis relieves physical pain, veterans will be less likely to take painkillers, which can be habit-forming — especially for someone going through intense stress or psychotic episodes. 

7. Studies Show That Cannabis Is Effective as a Whole for Treating PTSD

Overall, the studies are clear that cannabis is effective in treating PTSD. 

Several veterans have gotten help at clinics and through independent studies, to the point that more research is being done to hone and refine this form of relief. There has also been a big move to research the effect that psilocybin mushrooms have on helping people that are going through depression and PTSD.  

We are just scratching the surface when it comes to learning about how holistic substances can treat PTSD, but it’s clear that cannabis is a proven helper. 

Look Into Using Medical Cannabis for PTSD

With these points in mind, it is clear that using medical marijuana for veterans going through PTSD can be incredibly helpful. 

It’s definitely worth looking into, and you will need to get the help of some professionals that are skilled at providing holistic care. 

When holistic care is what you need, The Herbal Clinic is willing to assist you. 

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