11 Tips for Choosing the Best Medical Marijuana Physician in Tampa

Attention Tampa residents.

So you’ve contemplated medical marijuana, but you aren’t sure where to begin. Finding a reputable medical marijuana physician can take considerable time and research. Continue reading for eleven tips on how to find the best medical marijuana physician for you confidently. 

1. Start With Your Primary Doctor

If you are looking to link up with a medical marijuana physician, the first step is contacting your primary doctor. The state of Florida requires a qualifying medical condition to be legally approved for medical cannabis use. 

If your primary doctor thinks medical marijuana would be a good option for you, have he or she write a recommendation for medical marijuana use, in addition to a qualifying exam report. Taking these steps will allow your journey towards finding a reputable medical marijuana physician much easier. 

2. Research And More Research

Online research is a crucial step in finding a respected doctor for medical marijuana. You want to ensure that you find a doctor that you can trust and the legal authority to write you a prescription for medical marijuana. 

If you are browsing online, you will discover that credible medical marijuana doctors typically have a plethora of information available on their websites. Education is important, and finding a doctor that wishes to provide educational resources for potential patients is a good sign.  

3. Read Online Reviews

Social media plays a big role in our everyday decisions, from restaurant reviews to gym memberships. Medical marijuana physicians are no different. If you find a provider you are interested in seeing, check to see if their website has a patient testimonials section.

Websites such as Yelp are also a great source for unbiased reviews. However, you must remember to consider the source of your information. 

4. Understand Qualifying Conditions

Before making your initial appointment with a medical marijuana physician, you need to be aware of the qualifying medical conditions for medical marijuana use in Tampa, Florida.  

The following is a list of qualifying medical conditions:

  • Cancer
  • AIDS
  • Epilepsy
  • HIV positive status
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Parkinsons disease
  • ALS (Lou Gherig’s disease)

5. Verify

Each medical marijuana physician will hold different processes and procedures at their respective offices. Certain documentation is often required to begin the new patient process. Fees and varying qualifications may apply. 

The state of Florida requires a $75 fee for you to receive your medical marijuana ID card. Keep in mind you must pay the Florida Department of Health directly after approval and processing have taken place. 

6. Check Florida State Requirements

To avoid any potential scams, pay attention to the state of Florida’s requirements and guidelines on medical marijuana. Medical marijuana physicians in Florida must be a licensed MD or DO with no restrictions on their medical licenses. 

The cannabis industry is not regulated frequently. Therefore it is important to verify state requirements and check to make sure your medical marijuana doctor can assign you a medical marijuana ID card. 

7. Choosing The Right Experience

Ultimately, as with any medical doctor, finding the best medical marijuana physician for you is a personal choice. You may want to consider a few factors before calling around for appointments.

The general atmosphere, location, and in-person appointment availability with your doctor are a few important factors to consider when researching medical marijuana physicians. 

Is the office conveniently located near your home? How long is the commute? How frequently would you need appointments? These are just a few questions you should ask yourself. 

Finding a doctor you can have a cordial relationship with that expresses compassion for his or her patients, will allow you to feel comfortable should you have any questions regarding your medical marijuana treatment. 

8. Reach Out To Your Chosen Provider

Reach out to your chosen provider by calling their office. You may want to consider asking a few questions over the phone before scheduling an appointment. Find out if their office or clinic accepts your primary insurance. If they don’t, ask how much a new patient consult costs. 

Another important factor to consider is medical marijuana physician’s office hours. Are they compatible with your schedule? Will this doctor address your health concerns and any ailments you are seeking to use cannabis for? 

Please take a moment to look over their website. Do they have a FAQ page and detailed contact information? Does their mission correlate with what you wish to accomplish using medical marijuana? 

9. Map Out Your MMJ Physician Choices

Medical marijuana, or MMJ for short, has become a popular practice in recent years. Some providers have more than one clinic location; in conducting your research, consider mapping out your top 5 MMJ physician choices

This will allow you to determine the best office location that is convenient for your needs.

10. Time Consideration

Regardless of how long your medical marijuana physician has been in the field, time is something to consider. How long will your doctor devote to your new patient consult? 

Try to avoid doctors that advertise quick consults. You want to ensure that you are receiving quality care and trustworthy information. Ideally, if you are meeting a physician for the first time, you can expect to spend closer to an hour for your consult. 

11. Accessibility 

 It is important to remember each treatment plan is customized when it comes to medical marijuana. During the initial phases of consulting with your doctor, changes are likely to be made over the first few months. 

Finding a provider that you can easily reach by phone, text, email should you have questions or concerns will grant you comfort and peace of mind.

You may also require changes to your treatment plan or need additional refills, both of which the more accessible your doctor, the more beneficial. 

Medical Marijuana Physician

Ultimately, finding the best medical marijuana physician for you is a personal decision. Tampa, FL, home to pristine beaches and clear gulf coast waters, has various options for medical marijuana. 

Florida residents, check us out for additional information on medical marijuana and obtaining your medical marijuana card.