Choosing Different Strains of Marijuana For Different Conditions: Your Must-See Guide

If new to the world of marijuana, you might be surprised when you hear about all of the different strains and varieties. And while cannabis use is decreasing among teens, it’s increasing significantly among adults. 

The global marijuana industry is estimated by Forbes to worth over eight billion dollars. By next year, that number is supposed to be $31.4 billion. 

The cannabis industry is exploding. And a big reason for this is that marijuana can act as a versatile and flexible form of medication. Any experienced cannabis user will be quick to tell you that not all marijuana is created equal. 

The kind of strain you use will produce specific effects in your body. And with so many different strains out there, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and confused.  

Luckily, we’re here to help. So continue reading and we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about marijuana strains. 

What Is a Marijuana Strain?

As you dive deeper into the world of marijuana, you’re bound to start seeing the words Sativa, Indica, and hybrid come up. Most types of marijuana are split into these three groups.

Indica originated in India in the Hindu Kush mountains and is known to have a relaxing effect. Marijuana users like to remind themselves of Indica’s effects by saying “in da couch”. Sativa is known to have more stimulating effects. 

A hybrid strain is a combination of these two strains. Some cannabis researchers claim that the fact that a strain is Indica and Sativa is irrelevant to its effects. 

So if you end up with feeling relaxed after having a Sativa strain, you shouldn’t get too worried. Also, strains go much deeper than simply Sativa, Indica, and hybrids. 

How to Choose a Strain

You want to start by thinking about what effect you want. Then, you can find a strain to match. Different strains are better suited for different conditions. 

And when trying to land on a certain strain, you also want to look into possible negative effects of those strains. A lot of the common strains can give you dizziness, dry eyes, and dry mouth. 

Also, marijuana could end up interacting with medications that you’re taking. And you should never drive or operate machinery when you’re on marijuana. 

Different Kinds of Strains

Now that we’ve learned more about marijuana and strains, it’s time to actually look at some strains. Below are some of the most popular marijuana strains. 

1. Acapulco Gold

As its name suggests, this marijuana strain originated in Acapulco, Mexico. It’s a highly praised and well-known cannabis strain. Users like it because it can induce feelings of euphoria and also energize the user. 

Acapulco Gold can also reduce nausea, pain, stress, and fatigue. 

2. Blue Dream

Blue Dream is both soothing and relaxing. But it’s not going to sedate you completely. This makes Blue Dream great for relieving inflammation, cramps, and pain. If you want to become relaxed but don’t want to fall asleep, this is a great strain. 

Also, it’s known to give you a sense of euphoria and can boost your mood. 

3. Purple Kush

For people who want to feel happy and relaxed, look no further than Purple Kush. This strain can also reduce muscle spasms and pain. And the sedating effects are great for treating insomnia. 

4. Granddaddy Purple

Another strain that’s perfect for getting relaxed is Granddaddy Purple. This strain is loved because it can reduce stress and combat insomnia. 

You can also increase your appetite and give you a sense of euphoria. This is great way to lift your spirits. 

5. Afghan Kush

Afghan Kush comes from the Hindu Kush mountains that are near the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. This strain can help you fall asleep or even just feel more relaxed. 

And if you’re feeling a lack of appetite, this can definitely help you feel hungry and can also relieve some pain. 

6. L.A. Confidential

Another strain that you can help you feel more relaxed and get ready for bed is L.A. Confidential. This is often used by people who are attempting to treat insomnia. 

L.A. Confidential also and pain-reducing and anti-inflammatory properties. This makes it a go-to strain for people who experience chronic pain.  

7. Pineapple Express

You’ve probably heard of this strain thanks to the popular Hollywood film of the same name. Like its name implies, Pineapple Express has notes of pineapple. 

This strain can both lift your mood and help you relax. But it’s also known to give users an energy boost too. If you’re looking to stay productive but without the stress, this could be the perfect strain for you. 

8. White Widow

White Wideo has the power to relax your body, give you energy, and lift your mood all at the same time. This strain can also reduce feelings of depression as well as stress and pain. If you’re feeling exhausted or fatigued, White Widow could be just what you need to feel better. 

The Importance of Knowing About the Different Strains

There are many people out there who try marijuana once, have a negative experience, and then never try it again. This is a shame because marijuana is so varied and complex. By knowing about the different strains, you can better treat your ailments and ensure that you have a positive cannabis experience. 

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