How to Find Medical Marijuana Doctors in Every State

Medical marijuana is popping up across the country. More than two million Americans have a medical marijuana prescription. They use cannabis to manage pain and induce sleep, amongst other health benefits. 

But you can’t just go into a dispensary and order some pot. In all states where it is legalized, you must head to medical marijuana doctors first. Many people are reluctant to do so because they don’t know about them. 

What does a marijuana prescription look like? What does a medical marijuana doctor do? How can someone find a good one? 

Answer these questions, and you can take control of your health. Here is your quick guide. 

The Basics of Medical Marijuana Laws

Thirty-six states allow adults to get a medical marijuana prescription. But each state closely regulates how someone can get one.

You must go to a doctor who has a state certification to prescribe medical marijuana in most states. You must have a qualifying medical condition such as cancer or HIV/AIDS. You must have received previous treatments, and these treatments must have failed to reduce your symptoms. 

Once you get a prescription from a doctor, most states require you to send an application to the health department. If they approve it, you can purchase marijuana from a state dispensary. 

You cannot grow your own marijuana, and you must pick it up yourself. Nearly all states mandate that you do not operate vehicles while consuming your prescription. You may go to jail if you have excessive amounts. 

How to Talk to Your Doctor About Medical Marijuana 

Your primary care physician may have a license to make medical marijuana prescriptions. Even if they don’t, it is a good idea to talk to them about marijuana. They can provide documents showing your previous treatments haven’t worked. 

If you have not been formally diagnosed with a condition, you should get a diagnosis from them. Then have a conversation about ways you can treat your symptoms. They may suggest marijuana for you. 

If they don’t, listen to their reasons why. Marijuana may not be ideal for people with schizophrenia or psychosis. 

Your doctor may not recommend marijuana, but they may advise you to take a cannabinoid. CBD is a chemical compound in marijuana that can relieve pain and reduce anxiety. They may advise you to find strains of marijuana with high amounts of CBD. 

Medical marijuana does not replace treatments for your condition. It should accompany other therapies, including medications. 

What Medical Marijuana Doctors Do 

If your personal doctor is unwilling to give you a prescription, you can go to a medical marijuana doctor. A marijuana doctor has a formal medical license, but they specialize in marijuana treatments. 

It is a good idea to visit one even if you get a prescription from your regular doctor. As a specialist, they can give you more information about your prescription. They can help you find strains of marijuana that will help your particular symptoms. 

They can also let you know how to consume your prescription. You can smoke buds, swallow capsules, or wear patches.

You can schedule appointments with your doctor at any time. You can connect with them on how your treatment is going and ask them questions you might have. 

Doctors can offer other services as well. Some clinics offer holistic therapies that can help reduce anxiety and improve mental focus. 

Resources to Find a Marijuana Doctor

You may see advertisements for “pot docs” on television or the Internet. You can use these as a jumping-off point to find the right doctor for you. 

Some states maintain databases where you can search for qualified physicians. When you come across one, type their name into the search bar. You can also use the database to search for doctors in your area. 

Doctors may have specialties in addition to medical marijuana. You should try to find a doctor with one related to your medical condition. The Florida state database allows you to search by specialty. 

Try to get referrals from your primary care doctor or your friends. Ask around to see which doctors are best. 

You can use a search engine to look for doctors, but many clinics will pop up. Do not select the first doctor you see.

Take your time visiting each website and examining the expertise of the doctors. Find someone with experience and knowledge about different marijuana strains. 

Some sites like Leafly have features that allow you to search for doctors. Their lists may not be complete, so search through a few of them. 

When you find a doctor you like, schedule a consultation with them. Assess how much knowledge they have and what they can do for your particular medical condition. If they don’t seem like a good fit, don’t choose them. 

You do not have to stick with the marijuana doctor you have. Some clinics have multiple physicians, so your paperwork can stay in one place while you get care from someone else at the facility. You can also receive a referral to go to another clinic entirely. 

Find a Great Marijuana Doctor

Medical marijuana can help reduce pain and anxiety. That’s why thirty-six states allow it. But you must go to medical marijuana doctors to get a prescription. 

These are licensed doctors who have state permission to issue prescriptions. Your primary care physician may be one. Have a conversation with them about your options. 

Marijuana doctors can advise you on how to use marijuana. You can find one through state databases or online. Look at several options before finding the best one. 

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