Medical Marijuana Physicians: How to Find the Right One for You

In the United States, there are 37 states which allow for the use of medical marijuana, each with its own regulations and requirements. 

If you’re suffering from any number of conditions, finding good medical marijuana physicians can be a struggle. A good physician can make sure that you get the help and medicine that you need. 

Medical Marijuana Physicians

Even though medical marijuana may be legal in your state, that doesn’t mean you’ll have easy access to it. A medical marijuana doctor can help because they have been trained to understand the benefits of medical marijuana. Otherwise, they are identical to any other doctor in your state, they are medical professionals. 

Your medical marijuana physician can be from almost any specialty, such as oncology, or they may even be a general practitioner. This diversity in background is a strength in the medical marijuana community, your doctor will know how best to address the problems that you are facing. 

How To Find Medical Marijuana Physicians

In order to have the best experience you can have, you should look first at the qualifying conditions in your state. Some states make this part easy, allowing the doctors to prescribe as they see fit. Others require severe diagnoses like AIDs or cancers requiring chemotherapy treatment. 

Once you know what you’re looking for, make sure to get a copy of your medical records from your current physician. This is so the new doctor is able to review your history and what medications you are on. This is a vital part of finding the best medical marijuana physician that you can. 

Once that’s done you can start to look over your local reviews. Finding out what people are saying about the doctors you’re looking at can be an invaluable tool. You can also look up online, typing in searches like “medical marijuana doctor near me” or looking for customer reviews of local doctors and clinics. 

The Best Doctor For You 

No two patients are the same, and therefore the same doctor that is best for one might not be the best choice for the other. For your personal needs, you need to find a doctor that you trust and are comfortable with. Knowledge and experience also play a part, such as specific needs. 

Personality plays a part here as well. If you’re a laid-back patient, having a high-stress clinic might not be the best place for you. Finding a doctor who fits in with your medical needs is primary, but there is always more to it, here are some of the other criteria for finding the right one.

Specific Needs

What makes a medical marijuana doctor the best one for you? Well, that depends on what you need and your specific medical requirements. One of the best things you can do for yourself is to find a doctor that can treat the problems that you have, that knows what they are and what might be happening if you don’t respond to traditional treatment. 

This means if you’re suffering from complications due to cancer or cancer treatment, find an oncologist. Of course, a good general practitioner will be a solid choice no matter what, as they are trained in diagnosing illnesses and can refer you to a specialist or seek advice as needed. 

A Doctor Who Has a Plan

Another thing to look for is a doctor who has a plan. Instead of just prescribing medical marijuana to you, you want a physician that uses it as part of a treatment plan. This involves changing dosages, what you should start with, how quickly you should take more, everything. This field of medicine is relatively new and approaches are far from universal yet. 

Doctors who are used to holistic approaches are also going to often have a better idea of how to incorporate medical marijuana into a treatment plan. The effects and capabilities of marijuana are still being actively studied, with new knowledge coming out all of the time. You want a doctor who stays on top of developments and adapts. 

Verify Everything

Before you waste time on a clinic, you need to make sure that you aren’t getting scammed. You can do this a couple of ways, but the easiest is to verify the clinic and the doctor’s license. First, make sure that the clinic exists, it is physically present where it is supposed to be and the addresses match up. 

Every state has a website where you can check to make sure that the doctor in question is properly certified. In most states, a cannabis doctor can be a doctor of osteopathy, a medical doctor, or a naturopathic doctor. Check with your state, because only a qualifying physician can prescribe marijuana to you. 

Don’t Get Discouraged

It isn’t always easy to find the right doctor, sometimes it takes a while before you can truly say you found the doctor for you. There are online searches that can help, or if you’re searching for a medical marijuana doctor in Tampa, FL, you should try The Herbal Clinic, MD. We have experience using and prescribing marijuana that you might need. 

If you’re not near Tampa, then make sure to continue doing your due diligence and you will find the right physician for your needs. There are more doctors every day who are beginning to see the amazing benefits that medical marijuana can bring to their patients. You may even get lucky, your regular doctor may become a medical marijuana doctor. 

Your Health, Your Choice

In the end, the choice to find medical marijuana physicians is based on receiving the care and treatment that you need. Don’t be discouraged and you will be able to find a doctor that can help you out. 

Symptom relief is just a phone call and an office visit away. You don’t have to struggle with failing traditional treatments any longer. Medical marijuana physicians who are willing to help are available. 

If you have any questions about the process of receiving medical marijuana or need a doctor, contact us.