Cannabis Flower is Not Only for Smoking; Reap The Benefits of Tea

Now that Florida qualified patients can receive full flower as a treatment option, I’d like to educate you on how to maximize the medicinal benefits of flower. As you may know cannabis has been used medicinally for thousands of years to treat various ailments, but primarily it was not vaped, tinctured, edible or consumed as capsules, perhaps not even smoked. It was consumed primarily as a tea. Let me digress and talk some basic plant cannabinoid therapy. Cannabis flower contains hundreds of ingredients ranging from over 100 different cannabinoids to hundreds of terpenes.

When produced, the flower’s main cannabinoids are THCA and CBDA. The “A” stands for acid, and these acid forms have profound medicinal value. When we heat cannabis for a period of about 1/2 hour at over 250 degrees, we decarboxylate the THCA and CBDA to THC and CBD. We all know that these have medical properties, yet the THCA and CBDA are far more medicinal at 1/1000th the dose. CBDA is known to kill cancer cells, and THCA is known for inhibiting tumor growth, slowing seizure activity, decreasing neurological diseases, and functioning as an anti-inflammatory. The problem is, once you put a flame to your flower you lose some of these properties. The solution to the problem is to make a tea. That’s right, a tea, and that is what our ancestors routinely did to treat their ailments

So how do you do this? Just boil some water, pour it over your favorite tea ( I prefer turmeric, ginger latte) and add a pinch of any type of cannabis about the size of green pea. Let the tea steep over 5 minutes then consume, and eat the remains of the flower. Try this in the evenings and perhaps in the mornings as well. There will be no “high” because this heat cannot change the THCA to THC. Expect to see a better sense of well being, improved stool habits and comfort in knowing you are consuming products that kill cancer and prevent growth of cancer cells. For my cancer patients I recommend as much as possible.

Also do not store the tea for another time, the air will oxidize the cannabinoids and you lose the benefits. I hope all my patients take this advice and use it to help promote the best possible health they can achieve.