Dr. Mark Hashim of The Herbal Clinic, MD featured in WFSU article

Our own Dr. Mark Hashim, a board-certified anesthesiologist, was featured by Florida State University’s radio station, WFSU, on the subject of medical marijuana shortfalls in Florida.

Medical cannabis was legalized in Florida late last year, which means patients who are suffering from specific illnesses (such as cancer) and are experiencing high amounts of pain can get a recommendation for medical marijuana in Florida.

In order to receive a recommendation for medical marijuana – according to current law – a patient must establish a 3 month relationship with a physician certified to recommend medical cannabis in the state of Florida. Dr. Hashim and we at The Herbal Clinic, MD are certified to recommend medical cannabis.

Dr. Hashim of The Herbal Clinic had this to say: “As far as the three month relationship requirement, I really I have a real problem with this. Just yesterday I had a patient come in who’s terminal might have – if she’s lucky – two months to live,  and I have to look her in the face and say I have something that I think can help you but… I can’t give it to you.”

Dr. Hashim is proposing that instead of the 90 day waiting period he wants to work with the primary care doctor to make sure the patient is getting the treatment he or she needs at the time they need it. With patients who have cancer or another terminal illness, we believe they should be able  to receive  treatment quicker based on their circumstances.

“So my proposal would be to allow the qualified physicians to order this for the qualified patients based on receiving medical information from their practitioners on their diagnosis,” Hashim says.

The amount of patients who are requesting medical cannabis in Florida  is upwards of 1,700 people currently. This number is growing rapidly and, while the number of physicians are growing, the demand outweighs the supply since patients need to establish a three month relationship with qualified  physicians.  

Dr. Hashim is encouraging lawmakers and health officials to change this rule as some patients need the treatment earlier and the amount of physicians available are not enough to keep up with the amount of patients who are requesting medical marijuana to deal with their pain and illness.

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