How to Come Down if You’re Feeling Too High From Medical Marijuana

Even though we are a medical marijuana doctor in Tampa, we strive to educate our patients to help them achieve their overall health and wellness goals. Sometimes, new medical marijuana patients may find they have taken too much of their medication, which leads to a negative experience and can sometimes lead to patients throwing in the towel on medical cannabis a little early.

Take a deep breath and let it all out. Right now, you need to focus on what’s real.

What’s real is that you are safe, and the high isn’t going to last forever. If you follow the tips in this article, you can even change your experience. Instead of being trapped, you can start enjoying the pain-relieving effects medical marijuana offers.

What should you do if you’re feeling too high? Read on to find out.

Music and Massage

Let the power of music soothe your mind and senses. If you have a favorite song that puts you in a great mood, now would be a great time to play it.

If you don’t have a go-to musician, no worries. You can always search for relaxing playlists on youtube.

Put on music that creates a spa-like atmosphere, and enter into a calm state. Instead of tuning into a frequency of fear, you’ll be able to feel a sense of well-being and peace. You might even start to enjoy your high.

Massage Moments

Now would be an excellent time for a loved one to gently massage your neck. After putting on the right soundtrack, find a comfortable spot you can sit for a while.

Close your eyes as you soak in the massage. Feel your muscles loosen, and your mind slow down.

If you don’t have someone there to massage you, or you don’t want to be touched right now, try a self-massage using these tips. Gentle mindful movements will let your body know that everything is okay. When your body knows everything is okay, your mind can jump on board too.

Bathtub and Bubbles

Run a hot, steamy bubble bath and prepare to soak. Let yourself be silly as you scoop up handfuls of bubbles and blow them into the air.

Try making a bubble mustache on yourself or even a bobble hat. The idea here is to be free. As you soak in the weightless water, let your troubles melt away.

You chose to use medical cannabis for a reason. Close your eyes as you focus on your intentions.

Did you want to let go of stress? Become pain-free? It’s all possible. Sitting in the hot bath, think about how you want your body to feel.

Imagine your muscles loosening up and the inflammation going away. Picture your mind running at a perfect pace.

Envision yourself standing tall and proud without a worry in the world. Use your bubble bath as an opportunity to wash away whatever anxious feelings are holding you down.

Nest and Nap

Gather up the comfiest blankets from your home and pile them on your bed. You’re about to make a nap nest!

A nap nest is a super cozy spot where you can lie down to—you guessed it— take a nap. Using the softest blankets, biggest pillows, and whatever makes you good feel good, start building your nest. You can build your nap nest on top of your bed or put it in the center of a room.

Nap Time

Once you have a cozy pile ready to go, jump in and cover-up. Getting under the covers might be all you need to feel better. You’ll be taking your mind and body back to a safe place where you feel secure.

Your nap nest can also be a fun and playful project, similar to building a fort when you were a kid. Don’t worry about how your nap nest looks; just make sure it’s comfy.

Fatigue makes cowards of us all. Getting rest is one of the fastest ways to rebuild your strength.

As you sleep, the intense effects of the THC will begin to wear off. Your dreams might be more colorful than usual, or you might see colors you’ve never seen before. When you open your eyes, you’ll feel better and well-rested.

Air and Audiobook

Have you tried stepping outside yet? Sometimes, you need to change your surroundings to counteract an intense high. There’s scientific proof that hearing nature sounds and seeing open spaces can change your brain’s thinking.

If it’s nighttime, try looking up at the stars. They’ll probably sparkle a little bit extra right now, and you’ll get a chance to be in awe of their beauty.

If it’s daytime, pick a nice shady spot where you can stare out at the rest of your yard. Admire all of the plants and animals you never noticed before. Take your mind off of yourself as you experience being in the great outdoors.

Audiobook Distraction

If your mind is still racing, distract it with a delightful audiobook. You can find free audiobooks on YouTube or purchase one from an online platform like Audible.

Make sure you choose an audiobook that will put you in the right mood. We suggest staying away from anything violent instead of looking for an uplifting story.

Perhaps you’ll pick an audiobook set in a summer scene or on a beach. Maybe you’ll decide to go back in time with a historical fiction audiobook. Let your mind be carried away as you listen to the tale.

Stop Feeling Too High and Start Feeling Better

Not sure which tip from this article to follow? If you’re still feeling too high, make things simple for yourself.

Put on some soothing music right now. Focus on listening to the music as you let the medical marijuana do its work.

After all, THC can be a powerful instrument for healing. Here at the Herbal Clinic, we’re on a mission to help patients lead pain-free lives with the help of medical marijuana.

If you’re wondering how to get your medical cannabis card, a qualified medical marijuana doctor in Tampa like Dr. Mark Hashim can help! Contact our office today, and one of our team members will be happy to answer all of your questions.