The Benefits of Medical Cannabis for Seizures

What big pharmaceutical companies DON’T want you to know

medical marijuana and epilepsy stuart flNew research is beginning to illuminate the benefits of cannabis. Medically, cannabis can offer a vast array of side-effect free solutions to conditions such as epilepsy (seizures), anxiety and depression disorders, cancer patients, and severe pain conditions. We aim to provide practical, legal, qualified, and data-backed, information on these benefits.

Below we have put together a few points of interest in considering how the medical administration of cannabis can reduce seizures and seizure related conditions.

Oral Cannabidiol

Lancet Neurology published one of the largest studies done on this topic.

(Read study here:

Basically, a small group of patients that had previously been on traditional antiepileptic medications were given specific dosages of cannabis for a year. At the end of the year, they were significant positive reports. The majority of patients saw rapid and significant decreases in seizures with some patients even reporting an elimination of seizure symptoms all together.

Used in the right way, cannabidiol can reduce and sometimes eliminate seizures in most patients without the harmful and adverse side effects of traditional antiepileptic drugs.

The Benefits of Medical Cannabis

This could revolutionize and potentially void the use of traditional drugs in the wake of medical cannabis.

Not only would cannabis be a cheaper alternative to traditional antiepileptic drugs, it would also virtually eliminate the side effects that come with them.

Along with reducing seizures, medical cannabis could help patients sleep better and also eat better as seizure victims usually suffer with both lack of sleep and proper diet.


If you feel you might be a candidate for medical cannabis, please schedule a consultation with our office to determine if you would meet the criteria for the state of Florida’s regulations to be a qualified medical cannabis patient.