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Your Guide to Understanding the Different Forms of Medical Marijuana

Western medicine is finally turning its attention toward the use of medical marijuana. Marijuana’s medicinal use was known throughout Asia since approximately 500 BC, according to  Medical marijuana uses include reducing stomach pain, vomiting, lessening nausea, increasing appetite, and giving a euphoric feeling.  The people currently living with AIDS and battling cancer use marijuana for the […]

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Cannabis and Mental Health Featuring Dr. Mark Hashim

Dr. Hashim, a leader in the Florida medicinal cannabis industry, joins the Vault to discuss cannabis and mental health; highlighting the plants potential use to treat common mental diagnosis like social anxiety, depression, and PTSD. Listen to our full conversation below to gain a better understanding on how cannabis can potentially help you optimize your […]

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medical marijuana and seizures doctor in tampa

Marijuana and Seizures: Can Cannabis Treat Seizures?

As more than 25% of people now say that they’ve tried CBD in some form or fashion, the medicinal impacts of marijuana are mainstream. This was spurred along because of some research done with marijuana and seizures, including its ability to treat conditions other meds couldn’t. This has had a powerful impact on the medical industry and […]

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Cannabis and Mental Health: Social Anxiety Disorder

Can you treat social anxiety disorder with cannabis?ByAndrew Ward Social anxiety may sound like something we all experience at times in life, and that is true. It is natural for a person to feel nervous or anxious in situations like being alone in a new place or going on a first date. But for those […]

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Medical Marijuana for Arthritis: Everything You Need to Know

You want relief from your arthritis pain, but your current medication doesn’t control your symptoms. Have you considered using medical marijuana for arthritis? But you probably know about the controversy that surrounds marijuana use. It’s true. Researchers still don’t know everything about how marijuana affects the body. But there’s substantial evidence that it relieves long-term pain. A […]

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A Step by Step Guide to Getting Your Florida Medical Marijuana Card

During the first nine months of 2018 alone, over 136,000 patients received certifications for medical marijuana in Florida. It’s now easier than ever to receive a medical marijuana card, but how do you know where to start? If you’ve never applied for a Florida medical marijuana card before, you might be wondering how you begin the process […]

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Marijuana And Its Medicinal Effects On Cancer Patients

Medical cannabis are products of various forms for medicinal use that incorporate cannabinoids from the Cannabis sativa plant. People have used it in herbal medicines for centuries because it helps treat nausea, inflammation, and a variety of other ailments. These medicinal properties make it especially helpful for patients with cancer.  The biologically active components of cannabis […]

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Managing Your Chronic Pain: 4 Essential Benefits Of Marijuana For Pain

Chronic pain is a condition that few understand. Most pain is fleeting in contrast to the usual you length of chronic pain. Chronic pain can include arthritis, or even unknown causes are lasting discomfort.  How common is chronic pain in the United States? Around 20 percent of adults experience some form of it in their lifetime.  If you […]

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Cannabis Flower is Not Only for Smoking; Reap The Benefits of Tea

Now that Florida qualified patients can receive full flower as a treatment option, I’d like to educate you on how to maximize the medicinal benefits of flower. As you may know cannabis has been used medicinally for thousands of years to treat various ailments, but primarily it was not vaped, tinctured, edible or consumed as […]

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7 Inspiring Medicinal Marijuana Stories from Real-Life Patients

Many people suffering from chronic pain or epilepsy turn to medical marijuana to help them manage their symptoms. Patients often find they have a better quality of life using cannabis. Thanks in part to these medical marijuana success stories, the FDA recently approved one type of medical marijuana. The drug helps treat patients with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and […]

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